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Return to life
All that is given by life to youClouds pour down as rain
Trees give away shade
Sprout becomes food
Sugarcane brings the sweet
And earth returns all that is given unto it

I dream to tread in this path. I am a boy from a poor family in Mysore. I believed in art, and you held my hand, made me your own, gave me love. I am now on my way to return all that you have given me. It is my duty too.

I do not say this with an ego. I can never forget the humble lesson that the nature has taught me. I am waiting to give those in distress and need of help. Let your blessings be on me. May your love protect me.

I have witnessed lakhs of people suffering with hunger and being deprived of basic facilities. The government is also making its efforts to solve the problems of these people. I feel that it is not the duty of the government alone to help the people in need. It is my belief that I need to join my hands and contribute whatever I can towards helping the people in need.

It is easy to blame the system. Instead of pointing fingers towards others, it is humane to ask myself as to what I have contributed to the society. This is the lesson taught to me by my elders. With the blessing and guidance of my elders, I have determined to contribute my bit to the society. It was this determination that has led to the birth of YashoMarga Foundation.

This is an institution that is established to extend a helping hand. This institution will help the farmers and the labourers who work hard without caring the heat, rain and cold. This is not a task that is possible by me alone. Like it is said, “little drops of rain, make a mighty ocean”, it is fully possible to accomplish some good when the noble minds meet.

Come, join the path of YashoMarga. Friends from the industry, people who intend to help but do not know the way, come let us all unite. Let us do all that we can. Let’s spread happiness with art, and let’s discover happiness through service to mankind.

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Come, let be of some help,
YashoMarga Foundation

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